College Clinic

The college has a clinic for students’ health care.  Upon admission and registration, each student is free to go to the clinic for medical care. Newly admitted students may collect their medical certificates of fitness from the clinic after undergoing the necessary physical examination and laboratory investigations.  The College Clinic runs two shifts from Monday to Sunday  of every week.  The Clinic operates TISHIP through an HMO.  Serious medical cases are referred to Federal Medical Centre Gusau.

The Estate/Works Department is one of the core departments of the college. The department consists of two main section namely; Estate Development and Works and Maintenance. Estate development involves project initiation and planning, supervising the construction of projects such as buildings, roads and drainage systems. Electricity and water supply.

The department maintenance division is solely responsible for maintaining the college facilities. There is always correspondence between the department and store officer so as to establish accurate statistical figures of the college properties. Estate works department services are responsible generally to offices, schools and college community upon request from the provost but through the Estate.