College Security Service

Security Division is under the office of the Provost. Its operations and management have been discharged and coordinated by the Chief Security Coordinator, the Deputy Chief Security Coordinator and One Hundred and Fourteen (114) out sourced security guards and supervisors of the Crown Continental Limited, a Private Security Company.


These include the provision and insurance of general security of the College Community; with the following specific functions:

  • Assigning of security guards to all designated posts on campus, residences of the Principal Officers and other assets of the College in Gusau metropolis;
  • Regulating of entry control and exit into the College premises;
  • Gathering of Intelligence and dissemination to the Provost for directives and further necessary action(s);
  • Monitoring of movements of suspected elements and activities within and around the College and all duty posts;
  • Liaising with and joining actions with relevant Department and Units, such as Student Affairs Division, Department of Physical Planning and Maintenance (DPP&M) and Medical Services Department, on matters that concern security of persons and College assets.
  • Issuance and control of the University staff and student’s Identification Cards;
  • Conduct of security operations during special events and ceremonies, such as Matriculation ceremonies, Students Union (SU) elections, study tour and some extracurricular activities, major seminars and lectures that attract personalities from outside the College;
  • Participation in supervision of conduct of semester and other examinations in the College;
  • Investigation of security breaches in the College and onward referral , when necessary to the relevant government security agencies in the state;
  • Liaising with government security agencies in the state on matters related to the security of the College;
  • Participation and taking part in various Committees of the College as assigned by the chief executive;
  • Liaising with the contracted security service provider of the College;
  • Any other duties/responsibilities assigned by the Provost.